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Where can ElastoCrete™ be installed?

It can be installed interior in areas without constant exposure to water. A waterproofversion approved for the exterior is expected sometime in 2018. ElastoCrete™ is UV stableand has more compressive strength than standard concrete. 

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

ElastoCrete™ is easily cleaned with water and mild soap. Maintenance if needed at all issimilar to solid surface products. After much use, if another seal coat is desired or needed,it is a simple process

Is ElastoCrete™ repairable?

Because of the strength and flexibility of ElastoCrete™, the likelihood of a repair beingnecessary is much less than with other products. However, if repair is ever necessary, oneof the most impressive features of ElastoCrete™ is how it can be matched and repairedwith usually no visual evidence of a repair. 

What colours and designs does it come in?

The colour and design possibilities are only limited by your own creativity. ElastoCrete™can be made to look like granite, marble, GFRC, solid surface, or your own custom look orlogos with true and intense colours being achievable using pigments used to pigment paintfrom your local paint store. Most pigments are compatible with ElastoCrete™. 

How long does it take to install ElastoCrete™?

It can be poured in place on the job site in as little as 24 hrs. or less. It can also betemplated and poured off-site, then installed in the same manner as granite. 

How large of floor & countertops can be poured with ElastoCrete™ without seams?

The limitation of the size of the countertop that can be poured with ElastoCrete™ for the pourin place system is unlimited. For the pressed system the size is only limited by the size ofyour pouring table and the ability to get the piece into the room it will be installed in. Wehave done pieces as big as 16 ft. long by 8 ft. wide with no seams.